Diving Pass was created with the purpose of promoting and developing diving by gathering the best diving centers in a region in a unique passport

What is Diving Pass

Diving Pass is a booklet that includes a discount coupon for each associated dive center

What is the advantage

Each coupon allows two people to dive in each dive center and only one pays!

Where to dive

Diving Pass has 3 differents areas: Catalunya, Canarias and Southeast Asia

How works Diving Pass

A new concept to enjoy diving

Buy your Diving Pass

You can purchase your Diving Pass on our website and receive it completely free at your home (and by email) You can also buy it from one of our partners.


Activate the pass

Before you can use your Diving Pass you must activate it on our website.

Book the Departure

Contact the chosen dive center and reserve the dive. The center must be informed that the reservation is made with the Diving Pass. Take into account the periods of greatest inflow of divers (Summer and Weekends).

Choose buddy

Diving Pass allows you to enjoy two dives for the price of one. Two people must always go, the owner of the pass and the accompanying diver.

Choose Diving Center

Diving Pass has more than 40 associated diving centers in 3 differents areas. See areas

Pay at the Center

The Diving Pass holder must pay for the dive in the diving center. Check the rates for the chosen day and departure. The 2x1 discount is only applicable to the basic dive. Check with each center what each dive includes.


"With Diving Pass dive more than before and saving money on each dive"

Save money

With Diving Pass you can save more than € 500 on your dives


With Diving Pass you can discover new diving centers


Discover new diving areas around the world